Laid Off, Now What?

June 19, 2009

I’m Still At It, and Iris is Job Hunting Once Again

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We’re both job hunting, again.

Things just didn’t work out for Iris with Verison DSL Small Business Technical Support. She is fantastic with people and customer service, but just isn’t a walking/talking techie. It was very stressful, and together we decided that this position was not worth the amount of stress that it put on her. But she tried, and is welcome to return or even work part time, but it’s not a good fit. Iris is once again searching, searching, searching. Go get ’em, Iris.

Raytheon (once again) sent me a notification that I meet the criteria that they set forth for a certain position. In this case, I match on all ten points for what they are seeking for a Supply Specialist II. What they’re communicating is, “if you’re interested in this position, you’d better get your resume submitted for this one.” Raytheon is very well set up to allow you to access your documents that you have previously uploaded in order to submit them again for another opening. If only more companies were this organized! We’ll see if I can get called in for an interview on this one. The opening is for their McKinney, Texas plant, but that’s still within driving range. We’ll see how this one plays out.

May 21, 2009

Comfort Food knows No Hard Times

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Photo by Racheliscoconut&Lime

Thanks Les, for letting me post. Since your blog’s theme is about looking for a job, I thought I’d share a money-saving practice which goes along with the disuse of your dishwasher.

I notice that we don’t throw away food anymore.  I used to have a small container of  a 1/2 cup of leftover carrots, another container of beans, and sometimes a plastic bag with a spare chicken thigh. These would get pushed around the refrigerator  shelves and  rejected as late night snacks and “old leftovers.” When I was afraid of opening the tub lid because I figured that I wouldn’t be able to identify the food, I would finally compost it.

Now, the fridge is emptied often. At the end of each week EVERYTHING goes in the soup pot. If there’s a bit of cereal in the bottom of one box and a little left in another, we simply mix the cereals together and use them.

But our favorite is macaroni. All the pastas get mixed together (spaghetti, shells, tubes, etc.) and cooked. Leftovers or bits and pieces aren’t composted or thrown away anymore.

Yes, we should have been doing this before my husband’s job went south, but I had the attitude that there would always be more, so why bother with the little odds and ends.

Strange how good lessons can come from hard times.

Sorry, this isn’t a photo of our crazy macaroni. We ate it before I could get a photo.

Thanks for the post.


April 18, 2009

Now here’s an unemployment story

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Yeah, yeah, I’m still alive and writing. I finally heard the “unemployed with bills to pay” story to top them all. I was at the dentist the other day (still covered by my insurance with the Stimulus Package is covering SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT of COBRA,) and the woman who collects the payments told me about her daughter. Her daughter works in some facet of the fashion industry in New York. She’s young, educated and enjoys her field.

Unfortunately for her, she has been laid off from her job. Unfortunate because she recently signed a new rental lease.  I don’t know about you, but if I was freshly unemployed, (wait a minute, I AM freshly unemployed,) and had just recently signed an 18 month contract for a $2,700 small apartment, I don’t know what I’d do. Her mom suggested just getting the heck out of Dodge, and hope they don’t follow you for the apartment lease.

Can you believe it? An apartment lease for $2,700 a month?!  Gak!

Okay, here’s a NYT link on being unemployed in NYC. If you’re in my shoes, (unemployed, but in a s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y less expensive part of the country) perhaps this will make you feel not quite as bad in your situation.

A one bedroom apartment in the apartment complex that I grew up in, (Stuyvesant Town, below) now goes for $3,575. When I was growing up, my dad was paying $600 for our t-h-r-e-e bedroom apartment on the top floor, which over looked the oval. Today you couldn’t get the bathroo for $600. Let’s hear your story. ~ Les


March 8, 2009

Checked out one-hundred-forty-four jobs

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144 jobs, not one within 100 miles. I checked out a website that was made available by the Choctaw Nation to alumni of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. There were 144 jobs, but 98% of them were in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Neither one of these two locations is close enough to drive to from where I live.

So… the search goes on. ~ Les

March 3, 2009

Back to the hunt

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Okay, 3 more employment inquiries have been sent out. One may not think so, but job hunting can actually be quite time consuming. Filling our detailed job applications, whether online or on paper really takes time. It used to be that looking up companies and physically mailing out resumes was what took the most time, but today I think I’d say it’s writing decent letters of introduction, (okay, “cover letters,”) is what takes the most time.

There is a staggering lack of decent jobs out there, but I’m just getting warmed up to find out where the good ones are. I am happy to say that at least a few of the places I’ve inquired have responded to me quickly. This at least establishes that 2-way communication is in progress. This alone makes me feel good. Even a negative response is a response. My local newspaper on the north side of the river is one that responded to me with a “I’ll keep you in mind for something that might be coming up.” The two minutes it took for this response was appreciated.

Okay, off to bed, hopefully get up at a decent time tomorrow, and back at it again.  ~ Les

The Search Continues...

The Search Continues...

February 24, 2009

Busy, but not at job hunting

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My days are blazing by, but not job hunting. You would think that having an extra 9 hours a day (8 hours freed from not working, 1 hour driving) would give you lots of time to job hunt. That would probably be true if you weren’t looking out for your spouse having just had an operation. I’m now doing all the things that Iris usually does for me… cooking, dishes, grocery shopping, etc. I haven’t even gotten around to laundry yet. Thank goodness she did a whole lot before going in for surgery. I’m sure she knew I was only good for so much!

I have found out that care-giving is a full time job. It is now standard sleeping practice to get up at midnite, 4:30am and 7:30am to dispense meds, changing bandages, assisting with potty trips, showering (1 hour,) refilling water bottles, etc. But that’s A-OK with me. It’s nothing Iris wouldn’t do for me ten-fold. We’ve got a good thing going.

Tomorrow, well, later in the morning Tuesday, I should say, we go to Iris’ first post-op doctor’s appointment. This will be the first time Iris has been in a car since her operation. She was just seconds away from vomiting on the way home. Apparently car trips following anesthesia can be less than a joy ride. She even got a ride home with our friends Mary & Phil in their Lincoln Continental, possibly the most comfortable car in all of Oklahoma. Our SUV was in the shop, and our Miata was NOT the way to get home from the hospital.

For now I’m at Iris’ side, 24/7. Notice this is my first blog in *days* and even this one comes after midnite. Anyway, this is where I’m supposed to be right now and I’m thankful to have earned the right to unemployment payments. It really doesn’t pay much, but I’m thankful for every penny of it.

Tomorrow Iris’ 20 metal staples get removed and she gets crazy-glued back together. Stay tuned. ~ Les

February 21, 2009

Everything’s A-Okay with Iris

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Having staid the last three days in the hospital with Iris, I’m happy to say she’s doing fine. We knew for a while that she had an ovarian cyst that had to come out. Having been let go from my job on February 2nd, we also knew that we only had insurance for another 26 days. It was time for the ovary and cyst to come out.

We scheduled her surgery for immediately after her GYN returned from a mission he was going on for a week in Cuba. Three days ago Iris went into the hospital. She had surgery on Tuesday and we came home yesterday evening, Thursday.

The surgery went better than planned. Instead of removing an ovary along with the cyst, they removed the cyst (which had wrapped around itself three times) inside one of her fallopian tubes, along with the tube. Her ovary was perfectly healthy, so there was no need to have the ovary removed or a complete hysterectomy. Two days later, she’s home and resting peacefully.

I made Iris an omelet for breakfast, and our friend Mary made us a Delicious dinner of chicken and dumplings, a Waldorf salad and home made rolls.  Yum.  (Not to mention some scrumptious and salmonella free peanut butter cookies!)

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and prayers.

Tomorrow I have to get three resumes/inquiries off to fulfil my employment search requirements.

So for tonight, thank you God, (I’m allowed to say that, it’s my blog,) and good night. ~ Les

February 16, 2009

Another week… bring it on

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Week 2, unemployed but moving forward. I’ll be hunting new opportunities and sending our resumes. Perhaps I’ll even get my first unemployment check in. Wouldn’t that be nice?

For any others that are out there looking for a job, best of success to you! Let me know how it goes for you, what works and what doesn’t. We’re going to find something good out there. ~ Les


February 6, 2009

First week unemployed ends upbeat

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One week down. Of course I’d be cheating if I said I’ve been unemployed for a (whole) week already. Let’s not exaggerate! Tuesday was my last day at the office, and today is Friday. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose track of time, the day of the week and month. What year is this?

Today however, was a great day. I spoke with the Talent Acquisition Manager (some title, eh?) at a local company that wants to talk to me about employment. In fact, this coming Tuesday I will be going in to meet the Talent Acquisition Manager and take a tour of their facility. I won’t be alone, either. Iris, (my wife) is coming with me to explore employment opportunities as well. So this setup is encouraging.

Starting the day off, we ran to the post office. Then picked up my BP meds from the Chickasaw Medical Center, (they team-up with the Choctaws,) made a job-hunting phone call and then headed off to Texas. We popped across the river so I could get a copy of the new catalog from my previous job. It had just arrived yesterday. My boss had dropped me an email to let me know it was in, and to come get one if I’d like one. I worked in the company’s Publishing Department, and the production of our Spring/Summer catalog is one of our most important projects of the year.

Best of all I was able to see some of my co-workers, most of whom I truly consider friends, albeit mostly on a professional basis. I saw Chris, D’Anna, Jerry, Deb, Mike McC, Regina, MaryLynn, Larry and a few others. It felt good to see that my “cube” had not been assimilated back into the company borg. My stuff remains just as I left it, perhaps just waiting for the economy to improve so I can return to my home-away-from-home. By the way, for those that know former employee Angela B., Iris and I ran into her with her son in Hobby Lobby. All is okay with her and she’s enjoying life.

It’s really great when your job means a lot more to you than just a paycheck. My paychecks have been auto-deposited for years now. I don’t even remember what a paycheck looks like. I trust that they have been steadily flowing in, considering that my lights are still on.

We raced back from Texas to jump into our workout clothes and head out to our aerobics class at the Choctaw Wellness Center. I’m so grateful to the tribe for opening a wellness center that is open for FREE to all members of the Choctaw Tribe, of which I am 1/16th by blood. Now that I am as sore as I usually am after doing crunches, squats, and other such tortures, I’m jumping into the tub with a good book.

Have a great weekend.  By the way, I couldn’t fool anyone yesterday by putting a false answer on the Subway Track Critter poll. You guessed right, and boy do they know how to get around the Subway System! ~ Les

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