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June 26, 2009

A New Job for Iris!

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Iris-June-24-2009Iris went on an interview with the City of Durant on Monday and was called back in on Tuesday to meet with the City Manager and the two interviewers from Monday in a group meeting. The City Manager said Iris was thought of highly enough for them to bring her in for a second interview, and that she was actually the first one brought in to meet with him. The last of the applicants were interviewed on Wednesday, and by that afternoon Iris was called back and offered the position, contingent on passing a criminal background check, physical, and toxicology screening, which she now has. Next week she will join the City Manager’s support staff. It’s a great place to start, after having been out of the workforce for the past 9 years.

We’re thrilled for her to have this opportunity to contribute to our community, and a solid job as well. Durant is one of the more fortunate small cities in Oklahoma in that it’s financially stable, due to its growth, even in this current recession.

Iris already feels a sense that she will be a “part of the team.” All in all, it will be a much better fit for her than the call center position, and she’s excited about working for the city. She’s also grateful that this position was available … she just got her resume “in” before they closed the job opening. Good benefits to boot.


I’m proud of my gal!


Durant, Oklahoma City Hall

Durant, Oklahoma City Hall


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